The royal unit consists of 3 new throne units equipped with the turbulenz pack kai. They are the Eins kai, the Zwei kai, and the Dri kai. These suits were rebuilt, redesigned, and upgraded to work with real GN drives. Except for some minor details on the outside, they look identical to the original thrones, but on the inside, they are completely different. With the turbulenz pack equipped, they can transform into a plane like form. Also, with it equipped, they have enhanced weaponry + increased power output because of the 2nd GN drive that’s integrated to the turbulenz pack. The main power comes from that GN drive, but if any extra is required, it can get it from the ms. The weapons of each of the ms have either been replaced, moved, or combined depending on the ms. This team is designed as a backup unit in case of assistance where ever it is required.