The Full Armor ZZ Gundam( Celestial Being Colors)

Due to the change in power supply, all of the power requirements of the ZZ have been meet with no shortage of power. A special drive was constructed for this unit. It supplies the power of 2 synced GN drives in 1, thus eliminating the shortage after using the high mega or hyper mega cannon. Its armaments include X2 GN Double Vulcan Guns, X2 double Tube GN Large Missile Pods, triple Tube GN Missile Pod, X2 6-Tube Spray GN Missile Launcher, X2 8-Tube GN Missile Pods, X2 18-Tube GN Missile Launchers, X1 GN High Mega Cannon, X2 GN Hyper Beam Saber, X1 GN Hyper Mega Cannon.