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Avalanche exia

The Exia Am- Avalanch mode (Medium Mode)


The Exia Am- Aero Mode( Heavy Mode)

The Exia Am’s can adapt to any amount of enemy. Regular mode for light resistance, avalanche mode for medium resistance, and Aero mode for heavy resistance. Regular mode’s armaments consists of X1 GN Sword (converts to rifle), X2 GN long blades, X4 GN beam sabers, X2 GN Vulcan guns, X1 GN shield. The avalanche mode’s armaments consists of X2 GN sword/gun/shield 2, X2 arm mounted GN gun/sabers, and X4 GN beam sabers. The aero mode’s armaments consists of X1 GN sword/gun/shield 2 kai, X4 GN long blade kai’s, X4 GN beam sabers, X6 GN Talons, X1 GN shield.